Intelligent Organizations

Juan Sebastián Vallejo Rodríguez
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Mind Map on Intelligent Organizations, created by Juan Sebastián Vallejo Rodríguez on 05/09/2018.

Juan Sebastián Vallejo Rodríguez
Created by Juan Sebastián Vallejo Rodríguez over 1 year ago
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Intelligent Organizations
1 Organizational Learning
1.1 Means process or activity attainable academic orientation Inductive
1.1.1 Theorical Orientation
2 Learning Organization
2.1 Idealized Form Easily lost due changes Deductive Conultancy oriented Quantitative research
2.1.1 Action Oriented Wanted Behaviour Asking questions Suggesting ideas Taking risks Mistakes into learning Reflect and review Responsability in learning Admiting mistakes
2.2 3 main Blocks for a Learning Org.
2.2.1 Supporting learnind Environment Open to ideas Appreciate differences Psychology safe Time to reflect
2.2.2 Leadership that reinforces learning By example Inquiring Outside of the box Critical
2.2.3 Concrete Processes and Practices Systematic and Specific Measurable
2.3 Competitive Learning Organization
2.3.1 Adaptative enterprise that aligns itself to the major competitive forces and learning from them 5 Forces Direction Strategic vision Efficiency Standarization and formalization of processes Proficiency High level of skill and Knowledge tasks Concentration Market Focusing Innovation New Things for clients
3 Nonaka's Knowledge Creation
3.1 Socialization
3.1.1 Is how Tacit knowledge is shared
3.2 Externalization
3.2.1 From tacit to explicit knowledge
3.3 Internalization
3.3.1 New Knowledge based on previous combinaition
3.4 Combination
3.4.1 Putting together knowledge

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