The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby- Chapter 2 summary

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The Great Gatsby
1 Myrtle Wilson
1.1 Tom´s sensuous mistress
1.2 married to George Wilson, a mechanic
1.2.1 spiritless, ignorant, once handsome
1.3 keeps saying Daisy & Tom breaks her nose
2 Tom Buchanan
2.1 hypocrit, won´t divorce Daisy but will cheat on her
2.2 gives Myrtle a puppy
2.3 has an apartment for him & Myrtle
3 The Valley of Ashes
3.1 watched over by the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg
3.2 between NY City & West Egg
3.3 wasteland
4 NIck Carraway
4.1 gets really drunk
4.2 is joined by Catherine, Myrtle´s sister, and the Mckees
4.2.1 spread rumors about Gatsby, related to the Kaiser
5 Chapter 2

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