Ich bin ein Berliner

Angel García
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Speech structure analysis

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Ich bin ein Berliner
  1. Context
    1. Cold War
      1. East vs West
        1. Atomic Era
        2. AfterWar
          1. Europe
            1. Divided in eas/west
            2. Germany
              1. East vs West
                1. Berlin, Island of freedom
            3. Analysis
              1. Introduction
                1. civis Romanus sum.
                  1. 4 times compares communist with the free world
                    1. Around a minute
                    2. Body
                      1. 3 MIN
                        1. THE WALL 2 TIMES
                          1. failure of communists
                            1. a barrier for freedom
                            2. Compares Germany with the world
                              1. Reference to island of freedom, and as that defenders
                                1. Problem/Solution ordering
                                2. Closure
                                  1. Hope for reunification
                                    1. Berliners are the new defenders of liberty
                                      1. 1 min
                                        1. That's why he declares himself as a berliner
                                      2. CTA
                                        1. Freedom
                                          1. No walls
                                            1. no split population
                                              1. freedom of movement
                                                1. indivisible
                                                2. trick with with german people
                                                  1. Ich bin ein Berliner
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