Geography - paper 1 (urban environment)

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Created by 10trougdan about 5 years ago
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1 Paper 1 - urban enviroment
1.1 Pressure on urban enviroment
1.1.1 energy always needing more renewable nonrenewable - power cuts - available land for farming/building being used up - water pollution
1.1.2 general waste Land fill sites berried/burned Takes up space produces air/visual/sound pollution Biogenerators produces energy Takes up space produce air/visual/sound pollution
1.1.3 sky scrapers holds lots of people/buisness conserves space for buildings and energy creation visual pollution
1.1.4 Transport traffic jams visual/air/noise pollution over crowded not enough space for all the vehicals buses/trains
1.2 Push/Pull factors
1.2.1 Push (away from rural area) low wages less work unpredictable environment conditions poor transport poor quality of life little specialist services poor education low access to safe water
1.2.2 pull (towards urban area) high standard of living specialist services better quality of life better transport better education more work better wages high access to safe water
1.3 good quality of life
1.3.1 health care (NHS) all will be healthy medication nurses doctors free
1.3.2 fresh safe water don't get serious illness we can drink water without thinking about the health issues
1.3.3 education free all have good access can all get good jobs
1.3.4 emergancy services coast gaurd ambulance fire police all be safe if something does happen
1.3.5 heating provides warmth cheapish don't 'freeze' during winter
1.3.6 house's everyone can have one made from strong materials safe at home from the outside
1.3.7 government not corrupt make key decisions keep us safe
1.3.8 other services pubs bars restrants shops luxary
1.3.9 benefits all have decent amount of money to live on everyone can have food every day
1.4 Traffic congestion
1.4.1 causes people living further away from work, more people have to drive in using roads high population, more cars on road meaning more chance of crashes high population, more pedestrians, more traffic lights Bad roads
1.4.2 effects crashes, blocks up lanes on motorway/road delayed time to get to work
1.5 Mumbai slums
1.5.1 poor
1.5.2 crowded
1.5.3 like a rubbish site
1.5.4 dangerous for children
1.5.5 human wate thrown around
1.5.6 no lighting
1.5.7 no running water
1.5.8 unhygenic
1.5.9 open sewers
1.5.10 African slums population is 61% of its urban population. where as Europe's slum population is only 6% of its urban population. Asia and south america's slum population is 42% and 32% respectively of its urban population
1.5.11 lac of facilities and sanitation which is of poor quality means that if you get an illness then you are most likely to die. Another factor is no emergency service or health care.
1.5.12 basic building materials
1.5.13 unsustainable
1.5.14 no planning
1.5.15 scarce and expensive housing
1.5.16 easily flooded
1.5.17 crime
1.6 improving slum living conditions
1.6.1 more developed housing more secrure house
1.6.2 better transport access to jobs are better
1.6.3 less cramped places more spacious
1.6.4 no open sewers reduce amount of disease + increase hygene
1.6.5 education get somewhere in life
1.6.6 benefit system help people who need it
1.6.7 emergency service stop crime
1.6.8 bins clear up rubbish on the streets
1.6.9 access to hospitals decrease death
1.7.1 carbon emissions down 56%
1.7.2 natural day lighting
1.7.3 bike storage
1.7.4 1 city car and 5 private cars to take on the road
1.7.5 close to transport links
1.7.6 look at lifestyle as well
1.7.7 recycling there own water
1.7.8 wind powered ventealation system
1.7.9 recycling textiles as well as the normal stuff we recycle
1.7.10 Beddiington Zero Energy Dervelopment

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