Small Island - Prologue

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Small Island - Prologue
1 Queenie
1.1 "bold and brass"
1.1.1 She knows her mind and is strong willed
1.2 "You're not usually a silly girl, Queenie Buxton"
1.2.1 She is intelligent though sometimes naïve, often about England
1.3 "some had funny pointed roofs and one, I was sure, had half an onion on the top"
1.3.1 Very inquisitive and quite imaginative
2 Queenie's first impression of black person
2.1 "A black man who looked to be carved from melting chocolate"
2.1.1 chocolate is very luxurious and desired. She is fascinated by him
2.2 "A monkey man"
2.2.1 She sees him as a different species - but not in a cruel way I think that this line makes her sound very intrigued
2.2.2 This could be repetition of what she has heard others call black people
2.3 "Close enough so I could see him breathing"
3 Her family
3.1 "ill-fitting, fraying best suits for the trip"
3.1.1 Like to present themselves well even though they are not very well off
3.1.2 Perhaps like to think of themselves as a higher class than they really are
3.2 Queenie's father
3.2.1 "I can't be bothered with a fancy name like that" Not high class but working class - not particularly rich either
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