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solenza Lazar Grade 9B
1 In the son's veto Hardy manipulates the reader into thinking that the mother is submissive to the son and that the men have power when in fact the women can make their own choices. They just have been thought that they should be submissive to men
1.1 main idea 1: the son is trying to control the mother's life
1.1.1 He hoped his stepfather would be a gentleman, he said. (line 8-9) the son only cares about himself, he does not really care if her mother is happy or not. He would be capable of arranging an arranged marriage for his mother just to get higher in the society
1.1.2 Main idea 2: The mother is submissive to her son and maybe this is why her son is like that main idea 3: if the mother dies it is not only her son's fault but also het fault because in the end it was her life and her decisions She on her side was more persistent, ... (line 42) the mother is more persistent and this means that if she really wanted she would have gone and married her true love. This might be also because she loves her son Why mayn't I say to Sam I'llmarry him? Why mayn't I? (line 55-56) The mother tried to resist again. This shows that if she really wanted to do what she said than she would have continued persisting. concluding sentance His mother went up to him, kissed all of his face, that she could get at... (line 13) The mother, Sophie is also acting like if the son has all power. Say no more-perhaps I am wrong! I will struggle gainst it! (line 22) The mother knows she can not win against her son and gives up but still hopes that he will understand her and let her marry her ove. concluding sentence she answered timidly... (line 9) She is kind of frightened of her son because she probably knows that now that her son was educated like that by her he will no be more sensitive. ... ousted his humaity to keep him quite firm. (line 50) The son in the contrary becomes more and more aggressive and possessive. He has no heart and no compassion for his mother. He probably thinks that it is always the other's fault.
1.1.3 I am ashamed of you! It will ruin me! A miserable boor! a churl!It will degrade me in the eyes of all the gentlemen of England! (line 21-23) He does not really want his mother to get married partially in respect for his father, he does not want his mother to have another man in her life than him and because the man in question is not as rich as him Concluding sentence
1.1.4 ...but would not agree. (...) he had doubts whether she could be trusted in his absence. (line 42-43) Now he does not want to leave his mother alone because he is frightened that she will betray him. This shows his want of power again
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