Mitosis and Miosis

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Mitosis and Miosis
1 Cells in mammals are diploid.
1.1 Need to be copied exactly so new cells can be produced for...
1.1.1 Growth
1.1.2 Repair to damaged tissues
1.1.3 Replacing old worn out cells
1.2 Produces two identical cells with the same amount of chromosomes.
1.3 Produces 2 genetically identical diploid cells
1.4 Diploid = A cell that contains two sets of chromosomes.
2 Cell division produces Gametes
2.1 A human body cell contains 46 chromosomes (23 pairs)
2.1.1 Human gametes are haploid, so their nucleus only contains a single set of 23 unpaired chromosomes
2.2 Produces 4 genetically different haploid cells
2.2.1 Haploid = A sex cell (gamete) that contains one set of chromosomes.
2.3 Gamete is a sex cell
3 Chromosomes make identical copies of themselves. Identical chromosomes then pair up. Sections of the DNA get swapped.The pairs of Chromosomes divide and then the chromosomes divide.
4 Chromosomes in the nucleas are copied and then chromatids are pulled apart and moved toward the poles. Chromosomes seperate and the cell divides to form two identical daughter cells.
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