How far by 1924 had lenin established a marxist state in Russia.

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How far by 1924 had lenin established a marxist state in Russia.
1 Define a Marxist state
1.1 The people have power
1.2 Marxism= communist state
1.2.1 anarchist state no state structures
1.3 Marxist State
1.3.1 transition from capitalism to communism = socialism Capitalist system is overthrown Socialism - establishes the dictatorship of the proletariat in 1917 lenin suspends th constituent assembly - established the dictatorships of the bolsheviks.
2 Thesis, Lenin established a socialist and not a communist state and Lenin did not claim he was establishing a communist state
3 Economic policies
3.1 War communism
3.1.1 War meaning civil war
3.1.2 Implement communism
3.1.3 State still takes and controls grain This means that the state controls the economy so not communism
3.1.4 Economy takes a dive Peasants lose incentive because the state takes all their grain Lenin, flexible, abandoned War communism and adopted NEP intention to restore incentive and economic production in agriculture and industry Factories with less than 20 workers could be privatised Agriculture - Surplus once farmers had met their quota could be sold and the farmers could keep the profits NEP not seen as marxist Seen as capitalist NEP meant that some people were infact making profits , which makes them higher up than other people
4 Lenin; take one step back to take two steps forward.
5 Communist Manifesto. From each according to his capacity ti each according to his need
6 Know your Terms
6.1 Communism
6.2 socialism
7 He establishes the dictatorship of the bolshevik
8 Decrees a move towards communism
9 Lenin had not made it but he had taken the steps to getting a marxist state

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