National 5 Physics

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National 5 Physics
1 Prelim revision
1.1 Electricity
1.1.1 Charge
1.1.2 Current
1.1.3 AC and DC
1.1.4 Potential difference
1.1.5 Ohm's Law
1.1.6 Series Circuits
1.1.7 Parallel Circuits
1.1.8 Voltage divider
1.1.9 Bulb and LED
1.1.10 Transistors
1.1.11 Electrical Power
1.1.12 Electromagnetism
1.2 Dynamics
1.2.1 Speed
1.2.2 Instantaneous speed
1.2.3 Acceleration
1.2.4 Velocity-Time graphs
1.2.5 Acceleration from V-T graphs
1.2.6 Distance from V-T graphs
1.2.7 Balanced forces and Newton's 1st law Newton's 2nd law Unbalanced forces Applying 2nd law- lifting Newton's 3rd law and rockets
1.2.8 Weight and Mass
1.3 Light and Radiation
1.3.1 Refraction
1.3.2 TIR
1.3.3 Lenses and Eyesight
1.3.4 Ionisation and Radiation
1.3.5 Background Radiation
1.3.6 Applications Radiation
1.3.7 Absorbed Dose and Equivalent Dose
1.3.8 Activity A=N/t Activity= Number of atoms/time
1.3.9 Half-Life How long it takes for the activity to decay by half
1.3.10 Fission Where the atoms are broken apart to create energy- e.g: A nuclear power plant uses fission by firing neutrons to into atoms to break them apart and create energy
1.3.11 Fusion Where two smaller atoms with hydrogen in them are joined together to make a bigger atom
1.4 Communications
1.4.1 Waves and Energy Wavelength and amplitude T and F Wave Speed Speed, f, wavelength
1.4.2 Satellites

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