Past prograssive

Majd Aldadi
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Majd Aldadi
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Mind Map on Past prograssive , created by Majd Aldadi on 04/10/2018.

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Past prograssive
  1. Affirmative : Form : s+ was /were + v+ ing I / he/ she/ it =Was They / you/ we = were I Was slipping. We were playing football .
    1. Negative : Form :s+ was/were +not +v + ing I/he/she/it = wasn't They / you/ we = weren't Was _ not = wasn't Weren't _ not = weren't I wasn't slipping. We weren't playing football.
      1. Question : Form: was+were+s+v+ing I/he /she / it = Was They /you / we = were Was he working? Yes, he was No, he wasn't Were you playing football? Yes, you were No, you weren't
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