Earth science

Colton Henderson
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Colton Henderson
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9th grade Science Mind Map on Earth science, created by Colton Henderson on 10/04/2018.

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Earth science
  1. Bombardment
    1. Around 4 to 3.8 million years the earth was pelted with million of asteroids forming the rock the earth is made up of.
      1. Geological time scale
        1. The tool to use to record earth’s history.
          1. Layers of the earth
            1. The earth is made up of 8 layers the crust,mantle,core,lithosphere,asthenosphere,mesosphere, outer core,and inner core.
              1. Stratigraphy
                1. The branch of geology concerned with the order and relative position of strata and their relationship to the geological time scale.
                  1. Fossil Record
                    1. A term used by paleontologists to refer to the total number of fossils that have been discovered.
                      1. Relative dating
                        1. Relative dating is the science of determining the relative order of past events.
                          1. Absolute Dating
                            1. Absolute dating is the process of finding the age on a specified order in archaeology and geology.
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