"Assess the view that ethnic differences in crime rates are the result of the ways the CJS Operates"

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"Assess the view that ethnic differences in crime rates are the result of the ways the CJS Operates"
1.1 1. Lea and Young (left realists) identified that in fact ethnic differences in crime rates were not the result of the ways in which the CJS operates and that its actually other socital factors:
1.1.1 They said how blacks were not victims of a racist police force, but were actually more criminal than whites particually for street crime. THEY ARGUED THAT THE FOLLOWING 3 THINGS HAD AN INFLUENCE: 1. RELATIVE DEPRIVATION Afro-caribbean people typically come from a w/c background of perhaps single parent families and they may then feel they are deprived of things that think they deserve to get it. To obtain it they resort to crime to get what they feel they are entitled too. Now-a-days youths feel imense pressure to fit in and get whatever 'cool gadgets' are about which their peers have. There is a huge gap between what they can actually achieve and what they want. This then causes frustration so they turn to crime 2. MARGINALISATION Afro-Caribbean people may feel a sense of resentment and frustration as they are a minority group and may feel discriminated against. They may feel they are “on the edge” of society, both in the political and economic sense. In addition, afro-Caribbean may feel they lack formal organizations to represent their political interests, and often resort to violence and rioting as a form of political action. 3. SUBCULTURES Afro-Caribbean children from relatively deprived backgrounds form subcultures together as they share the same norms and values and beliefs They then form deviant subcultures e.g. gangs and then commit crimes
1.2 In addition, there are also other reasons for higher rates of crime amongst Afro-Caribbean’s.
1.2.1 1. family structure - 60% of young black males live with just one parent (normally the mother) this perhaps showing that a child only has one role model. If the child is male and lives with only his mother, he may lack a male role model and influence to discipline him.
1.2.2 2. educational success - In 2006 only 23% of Afro-Caribbean boys achieved 5 GCSE’S. This therefore shows that if they are not achieving any or hardly any qualifications at school, when they leave they may find it hard to find a job, leaving them in poverty causing them to commit crime to gain access to necessary things such as food
1.2.3 3. mass media- may be a reason for higher rates of street crime amongst Afro-Caribbean’s. They’re is a huge influence of black ‘rap artists’ in the media today and according to some New Right and conservative thinkers ‘Rap music’ encourages ‘bling, violence and criminality’. Therefore young Afro-Caribbean children from a young age are seeing this on the TV, radio, Internet and are wanting to be like them and be in possession of expensive things so go to the lengths of crime to get this.
2.1 1. STOP AND SEARCH RATES: Ethnic minorites are more likely to be stopped and searched than white's
2.1.1 PER 1,000 OF THE POPULATION - BLACK PEOPLE WERE S&S 7 TIMES MORE THAN WHITE PEOPLE IN 2009/10 This shows that the police are racist as there are not 7 times more black people in prision than white - so police are basing their resonable suspision on colour and race - THEREFORE BLACK PEOPLE ARE FEATURED MORE IN S&S RATES
2.2 2. ARREST AND CAUTION RATES: Ethic minories are more likely to be arrested and cautioned than whites
2.2.1 PER 1,000 OF THE POPULATION - AFRO CAR WERE ARRESTED 3.3 TIMES MORE THAN WHITES If arrested, Afro Car were more likely to be charged and face court than recieve a caution This shows that the police are perhaps racist in some ways when arresting & cautioning as there are not 3.3 more blacks in prision than whites - So they are again basing their responable suspision to arrest or caution on colour and race - THEREFORE BLACKS ARE FEATURED MORE IN A&C RATES
2.3 3. PRISON : black people from ethnic minorities are more likely to be sentenced to prison than white people for the same crime.
2.3.1 Black people are 5 times more likely to be in prison than white people this showing that the criminal justice system (the courts) are racist as custodial sentences are more likely to be given to black offenders and black and Asians are over represented in prisons and are more likely to be given longer sentences Therefore the courts are basing their judgment on their colour and race rather than the crime that’s been committed. Self-report studies conclude that black people have similar rates of offending to whites if not lower, this concluding that according to this black people are no more criminal and white people, yet there are more black people in prison, meaning the criminal justice system is racist and that ethnic differences in crime rates are the result of the ways in which the criminal justice system operates.
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