Little Miss Sunshine

Emerson Dobbs
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NCEA 3 English Mind Map on Little Miss Sunshine, created by Emerson Dobbs on 10/31/2014.

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Little Miss Sunshine
1 Links to the outside world
1.1 Negative effects of beauty pageantry.
1.2 Negative effects of parental pressure on children.
1.2.1 Low self esteem
1.2.2 "Concern at the rising rate of suicide among children and teenagers" - not being able to live up to parental expectations
1.3 Relatablity of not eating fatty foods (anorexia)
1.4 Arnold Schwarzenneger
2 Ideas
2.1 Competition when taken too seriously can cause negative and lasting effects on those involved.
2.2 Winning is not everything because a person needs family to succeed
2.2.1 Winning is not as important as family because a person needs family to succeed.
2.3 Pressure from family members can cause negative and lasting impacts on those involved.
3 General quotes and techniques
3.1 "I don't wanna be a loser, Daddy doesn't like losers"
3.2 "When you eat ice-cream, the fat in the ice-cream becomes fat in your body, so if you eat a lot of ice cream, you might become fat"
3.3 "Don't listen, honey, he's sick and he doesn't know what he's..."
3.4 Close-ups of the families faces looking bored, annoyed and uncomfortable when Richard starts talking about his 9 steps to winning.
3.5 "If there is one thing in this world I hate, it's losers. I despise them.
3.6 "There's two kinds of people in this world, there's winners and there's losers."
3.7 "And I thought there's something so wrong with that attitude ... Something so demeaning and insulting as referring to any other person as a loser ... I wanted to attack the idea that in life, you're either going up or down.
3.8 "Look there's no sense in entering a contest if you don't think you're going to win. So do you think that you can win Little Miss Sunshine? Are you gonna win?!"
3.9 Wide shot of Richard on stage with the rest of his family looking silly but not caring.
3.10 Close-up of Richard looking determined at start
4 Issues
4.1 Peer Pressure
4.2 Self consciousness
5 Changes
5.1 Richard
5.1.1 Competitive to not competitive
6 General
6.1 Jonathon Dayton
6.2 Valerie Faris
6.3 Michael Arndt
7 Purpose
7.1 Arndt wanted us to realise that winning and losing isn't important, life is about having family to support you.
7.1.1 Wanted to prove Arnold Schwarzenegger wrong
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