The Silent Way

Jorge Sierra
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Jorge Sierra
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The student will choose one of the methods or approaches from this moment (See course contents Unit 2: Communicative approaches) and create a mind map about its characteristics, weaknesses and strengths, which abilities focus (Speaking, reading….)

Resource summary

The Silent Way
  1. Objetives
    1. beginning-level students oral and aural
      1. near-native fluency
        1. correct pronunciation
          1. basic knowledge of the grammar
          2. Techniques
            1. Teacher's silence
              1. self-correct
                1. Peer correction
                  1. Using gestures
                  2. Materials
                    1. colored rods
                      1. Wall charts
                        1. pointer
                          1. color-coded pronunciation
                            1. The fidel
                            2. Weaknesses
                              1. Rigid structures
                                1. Direct without speak
                                  1. Evaluation is carried out by observation
                                  2. Strengths
                                    1. Silence
                                      1. Student autonomy
                                        1. Active participation
                                          1. Teacher indirect role
                                          2. Abilities
                                            1. Speaking
                                              1. Reading
                                                1. Writting
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