Wolfe Tone (revolutionary leader in Ireland)


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Wolfe Tone (revolutionary leader in Ireland)
  1. Tone was angry that the Irish Parliament only admitted Protestants
    1. he felt religion shouldn't divide Irishmen
    2. he wrote a pamphlet called "An Argument On Behalf Of The Catholics Of Ireland"
      1. a Catholic comittee is Catholic Emancipation
        1. Tone was the comittees secretary
        2. Samuel Neilson, Henry Joy McCracken, Thomas Russell and Tone became the founders of the Society of United Irishmen
          1. their aims were to free Ireland from Brittish control
          2. wolfe tones aims were to see political reform instead of violent revolution
            1. Catholics were given the vote
              1. mant disappointed Catholics then joined the United Irishmen believing stronger action was needed for reform and to end Brittish control over Ireland
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