The Battle of Falkirk (1298)

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Overview of the 1298 Battle of Falkirk

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The Battle of Falkirk (1298)
1 Began on the 22nd July 1298
2 Took place in Falkirk, Scotland
3 Because: The Scots wanted independence
4 England was lead by Edward I
5 Scotland was lead by William Wallace
6 English Army
6.1 2500 Cavalry
6.2 12500 Infantry
7 Scottish Army
7.1 1000 Cavalry
7.2 5000 Infantry
8 The Scottish army were placed on higher ground as an advantage considering they had less than half the amount the English army had.
9 Four Schiltrons were used and inbetween each one were archers.
10 The archers were defended by the Scottish cavalry
11 1. The English cavalry surprised the Scottish cavalry by attacking on both sides of the hill. The Scottish cavalry that weren't killed fled the battlefield
12 2. The more skilled English archers took down the Scottish archers
13 3. Edward ordered a frontal cavalry charge on the four Scottish Schiltrons which was unsuccessful.
14 4. The English archers began to take down the Scottish Schiltrons and after gaps began to appear in them, the cavalry finished off the Schiltrons.
15 Weapons Used
15.1 Swords
15.2 Longbows
15.3 Crossbows
15.4 Spears
15.5 Chainmail Armour
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