Spanish Conquest of the Americas

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A mind map about the Spanish conquest of the Americas, focusing directly on the Inca and Aztec empires...

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Spanish Conquest of the Americas
1 Aztec Culture
1.1 Human Sacrifice
1.1.1 remove a persons heart while they were still alive
1.1.2 prisoners were usually sacrificed
1.1.3 blood of a human was food for the sun
1.1.4 without this food the sun could not fight the darkness to rise the next day
1.2 Gods
1.2.1 Sun God=most important Huitzilopochtli
1.2.2 Quetzalcoatl
1.2.3 Tezcatlipoca=first sun god
1.2.4 Tlaloc
1.3 Creation myth
1.3.1 the Earth was created five times by the gods
1.3.2 Earth was destroyed four of the five times
1.3.3 human sacrifice was needed to keep Huitzilopochtli moving across the sky as he was very weak
2 Inca Culture
2.1 Origin
2.1.1 Originated from Cuzco, Peru as a small community 1300's
2.1.2 Manco Carpac-first leader Leader is called Sapa Inca
2.2 Expansion
2.2.1 1438 Pachacuti becomes Sapa Inca
2.2.2 Invites those he conquered to join Inca
2.2.3 Son takes over and continues to expand
2.2.4 becomes biggest empire in the world at the time
2.3 Lake Titicaca
2.3.1 Sacred
2.3.2 3000m above sea level
2.3.3 was believed that Manco Carpac emerged from the water there
2.4 Farming
2.4.1 Ordinary people were given land to grow food
2.4.2 Terrace farming
2.4.3 In turn for land, men worked in the army or building roads or bridges
2.5 Gold
2.5.1 very skilled at working with gold and silver
2.5.2 Lapis Lazuli and precious stones were inlaid
2.5.3 Gold= tears of sun
2.5.4 Silver= tears of moon
2.6 Roads
2.6.1 Surfaces were not paved as they did not have the wheel
2.6.2 Terrain= mountains,jungle,desert
2.6.3 no horses or cattle
2.7 Machu Picchu
2.7.1 discovered in 1911 by Bingham
2.7.2 built around 1450
2.7.3 city high in the Andes
2.7.4 Many theories of purpose: defence, temple,retreat built by and for the Inca ruler Pachacuti
3 Contact with The Inca
3.1 Outline
3.1.1 Spanish conquistadors led by Francisco Pizarro
3.1.2 167 soldiers
3.1.3 Peru in 1532
3.1.4 After 40 years they had successfully conquered all of the Inca empire
3.2 Effects
3.2.1 disease (such as small pox) kills 93% of Inca population
3.2.2 Christianity
3.2.3 Language-Spanish
3.2.4 Incan culture lost
3.2.5 many Inca made slaves
4 Contact with the Aztecs
4.1 Outline
4.1.1 Hernando Cortes: leader of Spanish
4.1.2 11 ships and 450 men
4.1.3 Lands in Veracruz on 22 April,1519
4.1.4 Aztecs believed the Spaniards were gods-returning.
4.1.5 Quetzalcoatl thought to have white skin and beard
4.1.6 Cortes arrives in Tenochtitlan in Nov 1519
4.1.7 takes Montezuma hostage to maintain control
4.1.8 flee in October 1520-the Sad night
4.1.9 Returns in May 1521 and after 80 days of fighting captures Tenochtitlan on 13 August 1521
4.2 Effects
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