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1 Theories
1.1 Sustainable development
1.1.1 Thomas Malthus Meadows' limits to growth Mexico City gag rule ICPD Cairo 1994
1.1.2 Ester Boserup Julian Simon
1.1.3 International consensus Rio declaration; Agenda 21; Kyoto Protocol; Copenhagen Summit
1.2 Orthodox
1.2.1 Economic growth theory Rostow's linear stages theory Harrow Domar growth model Flying geese model
1.2.2 Lewis 2-sector model
1.2.3 Neo-marxist / Dependency Development of underdevelopment
1.3 Heterodox
1.3.1 Protectionism Infant industry; TOT ISI EOI Neoliberal Washington Consensus Augmented Washington Consensus Institutional change Governance Asian Miracle Asian Financial Crisis Unregulated financial institutions Moral hazard Premature capital liberalization Trade liberalisation Contractionary policies SAPs Bretton Woods; IMF-WTO-WB trinity
2 Policies
2.2 Bretton Woods; IFIs
2.3 NGOs
2.3.1 Land reforms; Microcredit; Green revolution; Informal sector
3 Indicators
3.1 Poverty
3.1.1 Indicators Poverty lines Absolute Poverty Relative Poverty Headcount ratio Poverty gap
3.1.2 Types Chronic poor Transitory poor
3.1.3 Measurement National accounts Household surveys Market exchange rates vs. PPP exchange rates
3.2 Inequality
3.2.1 Indicators Lorenz Curve Inequality adjusted HDI
3.2.2 Theories of Convergence Diminishing returns Factor price equalisation Spatial diffusion
3.2.3 Theories of Divergence Cumulative causation New growth theory
4 Meanings
4.1 Reduction in poverty, unN & inE
4.2 Social exclusion
4.3 Freedom
4.4 Millennium Development Goals (MDG)
5 Measurements
5.1 Human Development Index (HDI) Physical Quality of Life Index (PQLI)
5.2 Gender Development Index (GDI) Gender Inequality Index (GII) Gender Empowerment Measure (GEM)
5.3 Human Poverty Index (HPI) Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI)
6 Ethnodevelopment
6.1 Cultural pluralism; Internal self-determination; Sustainability
7 Bottom-up Approach
7.1 Basic needs
7.1.1 Personal consumption; essential services; paid employment; qualitative needs
7.2 Participation
7.2.1 RRA; PRA; PPA
7.3 Empowerment
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