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Anti - Piracy Advert Ideas


Mind Map on Anti - Piracy Advert Ideas, created by Ravannah Liddar on 11/14/2014.
Ravannah Liddar
Mind Map by Ravannah Liddar, updated more than 1 year ago
Ravannah Liddar
Created by Ravannah Liddar over 7 years ago

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Anti - Piracy Advert Ideas
  1. showing a world without movies or music
    1. Questions
      1. would you be angry is someone stole your work?
        1. What would you do if you was a criminal?
          1. If you get fined?
            1. Then why do u illegal download
            2. Peoples own opinions of world without music and movies
              1. showing people without movies and music
                1. Piracy Information
                  1. Video providing information
                  2. Intro video
                    1. Real People
                      1. Staying stop piracy
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