Sustainable Living in Curitiba

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Sustainable Living in Curitiba
1 Recycling
1.1 Since 1980s
1.2 People separate rubbish into organic(compost) and non organic.
1.3 Two teams collect the rubbish
1.4 Enough recycling has been collected to build thousands of skyscrapers
1.5 Waste is sorted then recyclables are sent for proccessing
1.6 Creates more jobs and the project funds itself, because the government sell the things they make.
2 Parks
2.1 Flooding has been stopped by surrounding rivers with parks and trees
2.1.1 The trees absorb the water
2.2 Preventing squatters and shanty towns
2.2.1 Old factories made into sports facilities
2.2.2 Patrols in parks ensure that squatters are moved on.
3 Transport
3.1 Bus Lanes
3.1.1 Companies are paid in how many miles they travel not how many passengers they have
3.2 Different types of buses
3.2.1 Express bus move fast with few stops
3.2.2 Stopping buses take people from outside the city to express routes
3.2.3 Suburban buses take people round the city
3.2.4 More people can be carried on the bendy buses
3.3 One fare goes anywhere so its is cheaper
3.4 Less congestion in city
3.4.1 One of the least polluted cities in Brazil
3.5 Trains and tubes are too expensive buses are x500 cheaper
4 Shanty towns
4.1 Rubbish collection
4.1.1 People collect rubbish in return for food or bus tickets People sell the food that they don't eat They can use bus tickets to go to the city to look for work or sell produce
4.2 People get what would be wasted food
4.2.1 Resulting in less food waste
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