Living with Tectonic Hazards

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Answers the question of why people live with tectonic hazards

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Living with Tectonic Hazards
1 Reasons
1.1 Believing that disaster will not happen in their lifetime
1.2 Might think that tectonic activity will not happen in that area
1.3 Family develop a strong sense of heritage
1.4 Family and friends mean that they do not want to move away
1.5 Cannot afford to move away
1.6 Pressures from an increasing population
1.6.1 Could result in living in areas of risk from natural events relating to tectonic activity
2 Geothermal Power
2.1 Widely use in areas such as New Zealand, Hawaii and volcanic islands, including Iceland
2.1.1 Provides 70% of energy needs
2.2 Geysers field
2.2.1 Northern California, USA
2.2.2 Largest geothermal development
2.2.3 Provides enough energy for San Francisco 765,000 people
2.3 Renewable energy
2.3.1 Clean and sustainable
2.3.2 Releases <1% of Carbon Dioxide than Fossil Fuel plant
2.3.3 Steam and Water are constantly reused.
3 Tourism
3.1 Important activity in many volcanic areas
3.2 Provides jobs
3.2.1 Hotels
3.2.2 Restaurants
3.2.3 Making and selling sovenirs
3.2.4 Transportation
3.3 Activities at the site
3.3.1 Trails
3.3.2 Viewpoints
3.3.3 Visitor centres
3.4 Other volcanic features
3.4.1 Hotsprings
3.4.2 Mudbaths
3.4.3 Attract people because of health benefits
3.5 Geysers at "Old Faithful"
3.5.1 Yellowstone National Park
3.5.2 USA
3.5.3 Major tourist attraction
4 Agriculture
4.1 Lava breaks down quickly to form fertile soil
4.1.1 Especially hot, wet climates
4.2 Hawaii
4.2.1 Produces crops such as Sugar Coffee Pineapples
4.2.2 Uses volcanic soil Taken <100 years to form
5 Minerals
5.1 Volcanic areas
5.2 Heated groundwater
5.2.1 Contains concentrated traces of Copper Gold Silver Tin
5.2.2 Mined alongside stones, such as Diamonds Worked out gold mines have become tourist attractions In their own right
6 Is it worth the risk?
6.1 People believe life will be safer
6.1.1 Science and Technological advances
6.2 Impossible to predict
6.2.1 Despite close monitoring
6.2.2 People are still evacuated at signs of eruption
6.3 Lots of research has been done
6.3.1 Especially by Japan Entire population is at risk
6.3.2 Little success
6.4 California, USA
6.4.1 Large history of earthquakes
6.4.2 Increasing numbers still want to live near tectonic hazards
6.5 Attractive
6.5.1 Jobs opportunities Well-paid, despite volatile industry
6.5.2 Pleasant climate and lifestyle
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