History- Chapter 2- Celtic Ireland

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History- Chapter 2- Celtic Ireland
1 The Celts came from Southern Germany, Austria & Switzerland & conquered the Bronze Age people
1.1 There is no evidence to suggest that there was ever an invasion.
2 Tribes from Europe: Keltoi by the Greeks
2.1 Tribes from Rome: Gauls
3 Neither Greeks nor Romans could see a difference between the tribes in Northern Europe so they called the tribes in the north Keltoi or Gauls
4 The artwork of the Celts from La Tène in Switzerland is the same as the typical Irish Celtic designs
5 The Celts arrived in Ireland sometime after 500 BC & became the dominant culture.
6 The main reason they became so powerful is because they used iron instead of bronze
7 The main reason they used iron instead of bronze is because it was much easier to find. Tin was quite rare and had to be brought in from England
8 Because iron was much more widespread throughout Europe, the period between 500 BC and AD 400 is called the Iron Age.
9 How do we know about the Celts?
9.1 Celtic myths & legends were recorded in much later writings after AD 400 by Christian monks.
9.2 Descriptions of Celtic tribes & warriors by Roman writers such as Julius Caesar & Greek writers such as Diodorus, Herodotus & Strabo.
9.3 Celtic remains
10 The Celts were generally tall & fair. Both men & women let their hair grow long & the men grew beards/moustaches. The men wore trousers called bracae & all their clothes were died using berries & plants. Their clothes were made from wool & their shoes were made from leather. During the winter months Celtic men & woman wore great woollen cloaks around them which could double as blankets at night. The Celts liked to wear jewellery. Golden torcs, necklaces & brooches for fastening their clothes have been found by archaeologists. When going into battle men liked to paint their bodies with a dye calledwoad & the brushed lime into their hair to make it hard & spiky.
11 The Celts were farmers
11.1 Cattle was their most important livestock.
11.2 The more cattle you had, the wealthier you were said to be.
12 The Celts were famous for having huge feasts.
12.1 They would of drank beer & mead which was a drink made. from honey
12.2 The greatest warrior at the feast got the best part of the meal. This was called the hero's portion. There was often conflict deciding who was the greatest warrior.
13 Tuatha: Kingdoms
13.1 Ri: King
13.1.1 Derbfine: Royal Family Aos Dána: Nobles Brehons: Judges Druids: Priests
13.2 Fili: Bards
13.2.1 Tánaiste: Successor to the king
14 The Celltic society were far more developed. Ireland was divided into 150 tuatha & each one was ruled by a ri who was head of the derbfine. When the king died he was replaced by a Tánaiste who was elected by either agreement or by defeating all other opponents. The next most important people were the Aos Dána. They were made up of landowners, warriors & educated & skilled people.
14.1 Warriors were highly respected
14.2 Brehons insured the Brehon Laws. They were also responsible for settling any disputes in the tuath.
14.3 The Druids were responsible for performing any religious ceremony & for crowning the king. They were also responsible for making potions to heal the sick
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