Hardware and software used by translators nowadays

Vicky Martínez
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Vicky Martínez
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Mind Map on Hardware and software used by translators nowadays, created by Vicky Martínez on 01/21/2019.

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Hardware and software used by translators nowadays
  1. Software
    1. CAT Tools
      1. Trados SL
        1. OmegaT
          1. WordFast
            1. MemoQ
            2. MT
              1. Deepl
                1. Google Translate
                  1. Linguee
                  2. Terminological tools
                    1. Text processors
                      1. Herramientas lexicográficas/electrónicas de documentación
                        1. Bases de datos
                          1. IATE
                          2. Tesauros
                            1. Diccionarios enciclopedias
                            2. Project management tools
                            3. Hardware
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