10 Common Mistakes When Launching a New Business

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10 Common Mistakes When Launching a New Business - Yonatan Arevalo Garcia

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yonatan arevalo garcía
Created by yonatan arevalo garcía 9 months ago
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10 Common Mistakes When Launching a New Business
1 1. It is important to choose a business name that a business can use online with a website and social media presence.
2 2. The business name should be unique and not confuse a consumer with the goods, services, or trademarks of another business.
3 3. Some people assume that just because they obtained a business registration and/or domain registration and all the necessary requirements for registering a business, that they own the name. This is not true. A business still has to file for a trademark.
4 4. It is advisable to obtain copyrights, trademarks and patent protection in those other countries from the beginning. Failure to do so may jeopardize the trademark of a company that is not protected in those jurisdictions.
5 5. A new company can not stop obtaining intellectual property rights just to save money. in the end the loss will be greater..
6 6. New business owners make the mistake of disclosing an invention without the necessary protections and then lose their right to filing a patent leaving it vulnerable for competitors to come in and steal their ideas.
7 7. Proper shareholder agreements, intellectual property assignment rights from employees, and co-founders assigning all intellectual property rights to the company are important.
8 8. Instead of getting the right legal advice, a new company can use generic templates, such as shareholder agreements, found on the Internet. The danger is that the legal concepts found in foreign laws may not be applicable to contracts in the jurisdiction of the business owner.
9 9. Es importante para una empresa tener un buen plan de negocios que incluso puede ser un plan de negocios de una página.
10 10. The founders should be aware that launching, sharing a business plan or asking for money could put them outside the securities laws. The business plan should be limited to the product, concept, marketing, strategy, equipment, vision and competitive advantage.