Sigmund Freud - Analysis of a Phobia in a Five Year Old Boy

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Sigmund Freud - Analysis of a Phobia in a Five Year Old Boy
1 Aim
1.1 To document the case of Little Hans whose anxiety led to a phobia
1.2 To support Freud's ideas on the origins of phobias and the fact they are influenced by unconscious forces
1.2.1 To support Freud's ideas on psychosexual stages of development and the Oedipus complex
2 Collection of data
2.1 Qualitative Data
2.1.1 Observations of Little Hans, conversations conducted by his father and sent via letters
2.1.2 An interview between Freud and Little Hans
3 Method
3.1 Participant
3.1.1 5 year old boy called Hans Austrian
3.2 Case study
4 Phobias
4.1 Castration
4.1.1 Feared his mother would have his widdler chopped off
4.2 Water
4.2.1 Wanted mother to drop sister She could drop him
4.3 White horses
4.3.1 Father warned daughter about horse biting her
4.4 Horses pulling laden carts
4.4.1 Saw a horse fall down
4.4.2 Laden cart = Body full of lumf
4.4.3 Represented pregnant woman Repressed anxiety about his sister
4.4.4 Horse kicking about - his behaviour when defacating
5 Dreams
5.1 Giraffe Dream
5.1.1 Hans took the crumpled giraffe away from the big one after a while the big one stopped calling out for it
5.2 Plumber Fantasy 1
5.2.1 Plumber unscrewed bath, stuck borer in his stomach
5.2.2 Plumber Fantasy 2 Plumber took away his behind, and widdler with pincers, replaced them with bigger ones
5.3 Parenting Fantasy
5.3.1 He was the father of his imaginary children with his mother, his father was the grandfather
6 Results and Conclusions
6.1 Final fantasy showed he had resolved feelings with his father
6.2 His fear of horses subsided
6.3 He decided Hans was going through the Oedipus Complex
6.3.1 Due to anxiety about his mother's desertion
6.4 Saw conversations with Hans as providing powerful support for his view that children have an interest in sexual matters from an early age
6.5 The real causes of the phobias lie in the hidden conflicts of the unconscious mind
6.6 Hans went through the psychosexual stages of development
7 Hans as a Little Oedipus
7.1 Saw his father as a rival for his mother's attention and affection
7.2 Castration anxiety - fear his father would find out about troubles
7.3 Wanted to be his father and wanted him gone
7.4 Fear of his mother deserting him
7.5 Oedipus Complex was resolved - Identified with his father in his final fantasy
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