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Communicative Language Teaching (CLT)


Mapa mental del lenguage comunicativo
Cristian Steven Bocanegra
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Cristian Steven Bocanegra
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Communicative Language Teaching (CLT)
  1. CLT emphasizes interaction and problem solving as means and the ultimate goal of learning English, or any other language. As such, tends to emphasize activities such as role play, work in couples and group work.
    1. Perspectives
      1. Linguistics
        1. Grammatical Competence
          1. Sociolinguistic Competence
            1. Discourse Competence
              1. Strategic Competence
              2. Pedagogy
                1. Creation of an atmosphere
                  1. The teacher is facilitator
                    1. Use of concepts
                      1. Use of strategies
                      2. Sociology
                        1. Sociocultural use of language
                          1. Interactional function
                            1. Personal function
                              1. Interpersonal relationship
                                1. Cooperativism rather than individualism
                                2. Psychology
                                  1. Behaviorism
                                    1. Cognitivism
                                      1. Constructivism
                                        1. Functionalism
                                      2. Objectives
                                        1. Use Language as:
                                          1. means of communication
                                            1. object of learning
                                              1. means of expressing values
                                              2. Focus on communication rather than structure
                                                1. Language learning within the school curriculum
                                                  1. Language learning within the school curriculum
                                                    1. Collaboration
                                                    2. The Role of Instructional Materials
                                                      1. Visual cues
                                                        1. Taped cues
                                                          1. Pictures (Flash cards)
                                                            1. Wh- questions (Why, What, When, Where, Who)
                                                              1. Role Plays
                                                                1. Simulations
                                                                  1. Games
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