Environment problem

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Environment problem
  1. deforestatiton
    1. Deforestation is the loss of forest.Happens as a result of cutting down trees to produce wood,to make space for farmland or to build motorways or houses.When a forest dissappear as well
    2. overexplotation
      1. Overexploitation happens when we consume natural resources at a faster s rate than they are replenished, for example, when we catch too many fish in a particular area. Overexploitation can result in the extinction of species, the disappearande of forests and the depletion of aquifers
      2. popullition
        1. Pollution is the release of harmful substances into the environment. It can climate affect air, water or soil. Air pollution is caused by gases released These by vehicles, industries, heating systems or by nat the burning of fossil fuels. Water pollution is caused by industrial burni waste, chemicals used in agriculture, detergents or wastewater from urban temp areas Soil pollution is caused by chemicals used floco in agriculture, rubbish from human activity and industrial waste.
        2. climate change
          1. Climate change refers to variations in climate elements such as temperature precipitation and wind These changes in climate can be caused by natural phenomena, such as volcanic eruptions or by human activity, such as burning fossil fuels. As a result of an increase in the Earth's temperature, ice caps are melting, sea levels are rsing and coastal areas are flooding. All this threatens the habitat of many plants and animals.
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