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Conformity (Needs Editing)


Part one of Social Influence
Badriys H
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Conformity (Needs Editing)
  1. Types of Conformity
    1. Identification
      1. Conforming because we identify as part of a group
      2. Compliance
        1. "Going along with others", but not changing personal opinions and/or behaviours privately
        2. Internalisation
          1. Genuinely accepting group norms
        3. Explanations for Conformity
          1. Informative Social Influence (ISI)
            1. We all agree with the opinion of the majority because we believe it to be correct and we want to be correct ourselves
            2. Normative Social Influence (NSI)
              1. We agree with the opinion of the majority because we want to be liked.
            3. Variables Affecting Conformity (Investigation by Asch)
              1. Investigation by Zimbardo
                1. AO3
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