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kevin alexander linares moreno
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  1. The verb must agree whith his subject, not with its complement. Ex A problem is taxes.
    1. Indefinite pronouns such as each, either, one, everyone, everybody and everything are singular. Ex Somebody in El Salvador loves me.
      1. Subject proceded by every,each and many are singular. Ex Every man,woman , and child was given a life preserver.
        1. A collective nouns, such as audience, faculty, or jury, requires a singular verb when the group is regarded as a whole and a plural verb when the members of the group are regarded as individuals.Ex The jury has made its decision.
          1. Indefinite pronouns such as all, some, most and none maybe singular or plural depending on their referents.Ex Some of the food is cold.
            1. Prepositional phrases beginning with the compound prepositions such as along with ,together with ,in addition to ,and as well as should be ignored , for they do not affect sva. Ex Gladys knight ,as well as pips ,is riding the midnight train to Georgia.
              1. Titles of books, companies , name brands , and groups are singular or plural depending on their meaning. Ex. Trix are for kids.
                1. Nouns expressing time, distance, weight and measurement are singular when they refer to a unit and pluarl when they refer to separate items. Ex Fifty yards is a short distance. Ex 2 Kilometers are a part of the metric system.
                  1. Both, several, few and many are a few plural indefinete pronouns and will always require a plural verb. Ex Several of us have already bought our tickets
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