Medieval times

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Medieval times
1 Becoming a knight
1.1 There were 2 ways to become a knight
1.1.1 Y1. In a battlefield the knight show bravery the king awarded him wiht a title call knighood
1.1.2 To earn that Title through hard Work and training
2 Who could become a knight?
2.1 To Become a knight, it was expensive because not everyone could afford to Become a knight
2.1.1 You needed a Kings weapons armour a war horse Page The page learnt good manners and to behave a proper way when a boy was 7 years old he was sent to the house of a knight he became a servant of a knight serving meals cleaning his clothes carrying messages also learnt to ride in a horseback with no hands and carry a lance also began to train to fight becoming strong riding a horse use of weapons Learned write speak to dance to chivalry 15 years old became a squire he dressed the knight. Served his meald. Tended his horse. Cleaned his weapons 20 y old dubling ceremony he become a knight
3 Bans & Money
3.1 Trade Fairs
3.1.1 Travelling marketplaces
3.1.2 Goods
3.1.3 Sellers
3.2 Banks
3.2.1 Moneychangers
3.2.2 Were operated mostly by peasants
3.3 Money
3.3.1 Nobles used the manoriat system a barter system borrowed money from the banks
3.3.2 The king wasthrilled with the new money system to tax the noble lords craftsmen traders money changers
4 Nobility
4.1 Kings
4.2 Lords
4.2.1 judge
4.2.2 jury
4.3 Ladies
4.3.1 to have children
4.3.2 to take care of their houses
4.4 Knights
4.4.1 the son of the nobles
4.5 Nobles
4.5.1 Protection to people through knights
4.5.2 Clothing trousers long coats tunics
5 Literature
5.1 Art
5.1.1 oral tradition
5.1.2 Troubadours
5.1.3 jugglers
5.2 The knights of the round table
5.3 king arthur
5.4 robin hood
5.5 Beowulf
5.6 Divine Comedy
5.7 The song of roland
6 Religious Music
6.1 Gregorian (Music for God)
7 Medieval Food and Feats
7.1 Game
7.2 Fish
7.3 Vegetables
7.4 Fruit
8 Religion
8.1 Chapels
8.2 Churches
8.3 Cathedrals
8.3.1 higs buildings to reach God
8.3.2 Stained Glass
9 Guilds
9.1 Different types of working category
9.1.1 master
9.1.2 journeyman
9.1.3 apprentice
9.2 business association
9.2.1 bankers
9.2.2 artist
9.2.3 bakers
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