Main People in Medicine Through Time

Holly Bamford
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Holly Bamford
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A mind map of the main people in the AQA medicine through time spec

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Main People in Medicine Through Time
1 Renaissance
1.1 Pare
1.2 Vesalius
1.3 Harvey
2 Ancient
2.1 Galen
2.2 Hippocrates
3 Medieval
3.1 Rhazes
3.2 Avicenna
3.3 Paracelsus
4 Industrial
4.1 Jenner
4.2 Koch
4.3 Pasteur
4.4 Semmelweis
4.5 Chadwick
4.6 Snow
5 Age of Enlightenment
5.1 Nightingale
5.2 Seacole
6 20th Century
6.1 Fleming
6.2 Florey and Chain
6.3 Beveridge
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