Adaptive Immunity (ONLY Lecture 15 Part 2)

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Adaptive Immunity will be in shades of red. Anything associated with innate immunity is in shades of blue. Lecture 16 is more in depth.

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Adaptive Immunity (ONLY Lecture 15 Part 2)
1 Humoral Immunity
1.1 "Antibody-mediated"
1.2 B-cell based
2 Cellular Immunity
2.1 "Cell-mediated"
2.2 T-cell based
3 Types
3.1 Naturally acquired active
3.1.1 Getting sick
3.1.2 B memory cells
3.2 Nat. acq. passive
3.2.1 Transfer (mother's milk)
3.3 Artificially acq. active
3.3.1 Vaccination
3.4 Art. acq. passive
3.4.1 Antibodies from one host intro to another
4 Antigens
4.1 Epitopes
4.1.1 Reaction sites on antigens for specific antibody or T cell receptor
4.2 Affinity
4.2.1 Binding strength at just ONE site
4.3 Avidity
4.3.1 Overall antigen-binding at ALL sites
5 Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC)
5.1 Genes code for self/nonself
5.2 In humans "Human Leukocyte Antigen" (HLA)
5.3 Three Classes
5.3.1 CLASS I All types Important for organ transplant
5.3.2 CLASS II Antigen-presenting cells Important for T-cell communications Macrophages Dendritic cells B cells
5.3.3 CLASS III Secreted proteins Nonself/self recognition
5.4 Class I and II Structures
5.4.1 Heterodimers of alpha & beta subunits
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