King Arthur

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King Arthur
1 Characters
1.1 Sir Lancelot
1.1.1 Sir Galahad King Arthur Queen Guinevere Uther Pendragon Merlin Morgana La Fey Lady Nimue Sir Ector Kay
2 When
2.1 In 450 A.D.
3 The plot
3.1 King Arthur goes to Canterbury, he hasn't got his sword, he goes to his castle and see a lot of men, he pull the excalibur, and he was the king. Her half-sister encant her husband to kill him. Sir Lancelot save ladies from two giants, he returned to the castle and an old man talk him to go to his monastery, and see Galahad, his son, and name him, knight of the round table. And Sir Galahad is the best knight, the see the holy grail, and Sir Lancelot throw down the stairs, and Sir Galahad died
4 Where
4.1 Irreal
4.1.1 Camelot Avalon
4.2 Real
4.2.1 Canterbury
5 Legend
5.1 The legend of King Arthur is a well-known story
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