why did Tsar Nicholas II lose power in February 1917?

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Mind Map on why did Tsar Nicholas II lose power in February 1917?, created by Meg Turvey on 12/14/2014.

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why did Tsar Nicholas II lose power in February 1917?
1 first world war
1.1 last straw for the Tars government
1.2 Russian troops slaughtered in the millions
1.3 economic chaos
1.4 Nicholas went to the front to lead the troops
1.4.1 responsible and blamed for the soldiers deaths
1.4.2 Rasputin and the Tsarina left in charge of the government
2 people in the towns were starving and freezing
3 revolution started by women
3.1 march 8th went on a march demanding bread- turned into riots
4 Tsarina called in troops to stop the riots
4.1 troops mutinied on 12 march and joined rioters
5 workers and soldiers set up Petrograd Soviet in order to coordinate the revolution
6 Tsar went to pieces and was unable to make any decisions
7 4th Duma realised the government was collapsing and so set up a provisional government
7.1 Tsar was forced to abdicate on 15th march
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