'I'm the King of the Castle'

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'I'm the King of the Castle'
1 Characters
1.1 Helena Kingshaw
1.2 Joseph Hooper
1.3 Edmund Hooper
1.3.1 Bully
1.3.2 pychopathic doesn't feel emotions properly doesn't feel bad about maltreating Kinghaw
1.3.3 does not have a strong relationship with father
1.3.4 does not have a mother
1.4 Charles Kingshaw
1.4.1 Victim insecure Low Self Esteem Nervous
1.4.2 lack of close relationship with mother wants affection
2 Settings
2.1 Warings
2.2 Hang Wood
2.2.1 Safe haven Kingshaw's area of dominance over Hooper 'Terrifying and Safe'
2.3 Fielding's Farm
2.3.1 safe, relaxed haven from dark, surreal warings Fielding (Kingshaw's only friend) lives here The fielding's are a happy, normal and loving family contrast with the Kingshaw's and Hoopers
3 Themes
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