Experiential marketing, brand image and brand awareness (case of Starbucks)

Kefei YE
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Mind Map on Experiential marketing, brand image and brand awareness (case of Starbucks), created by Kefei YE on 08/29/2013.

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Kefei YE
Created by Kefei YE about 6 years ago
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Experiential marketing, brand image and brand awareness (case of Starbucks)
1 Experiential and brand awareness
1.1 Recognition
1.1.1 Recognize the brand in terms of specific aspects of experience
1.2 Withdraw experience
1.2.1 Recall experience when making decision
2 Experience and brand associations
2.1 Pre and after- experience associations
2.1.1 Before experince International, Luxury and Specialized General impression
2.1.2 After experience Comfortable and Leisure (Situation, emotion) Maintain some original associations
2.2 Types of associations
2.2.1 Functional (Product speciality and quality)
2.2.2 Experiential (SENSE and FEEL within the environment)
2.3 Strength, suitability and uniqueness of associations
2.3.1 Strengthen brand associations with experience
2.3.2 Enhancing suitability
2.3.3 Some firmly view it as unique, some not, but indicate the potential
3 In-store experience
3.1 SENSE and FEEL (efficient and comfortable)
3.2 Expect deeper experience
4 Effect of experience providers
4.1 Visible identity
4.1.1 Merely symbol
4.1.2 Elicit imagination
4.1.3 SENSE and FEEL experience
4.1.4 Remind of the brand
4.1.5 Linked to brand associations
4.2 Coomunications
4.2.1 Not eye-catching or noticed
4.2.2 Appeal to sight
4.2.3 Expect advertising on culture and brand
4.2.4 Potential to create THINK, RELATE
4.3 People
4.3.1 Serve with just friendliness or intimacy?
4.4 Product presence
4.4.1 Taste
4.4.2 Package
4.4.3 Design
4.5 Servicescapes
4.5.1 Affect the most: ambience or spatial?
4.5.2 Details matter

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