3j - Broadband Connections

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3j - Broadband Connections
1.1 Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
1.1.1 Uses a range of frequencies on exsiting copper and telephone cables
1.2 Has the largest range of frequency for donwloads
1.2.1 Quicker to download files than to upload files.
1.3 Bandwidths are typically either 4, 8, 20 or 24 Mbps
1.4 Factors affecting bandwidth
1.4.1 Distance from exchange
1.4.2 Interferance from AM radio
1.4.3 Other devices connected to phone line
1.4.4 Electrical interferance
1.5 Used in homes, not businesses
1.5.1 Low upstream bandwidth
1.5.2 Bottlenecks
2 Cable
2.1 Infrastructure is fibre optic, therefore higher bandwidths are available
2.1.1 Typical bandwidths are 20 or 50 Mbps
2.2 It is asymmetric
2.3 There are contention ratios, but it is less than ADSL
2.4 It is used by cable TV companies
3 Wireless
3.1 It uses mobile telephone networks
3.2 Can connect a laptop of PC by using:
3.2.1 Mobile phone internet connection sharing
3.2.2 Mobile broadband dongle
3.2.3 Mobile phone WiFi hotspots
3.3 It is asymmetric
3.4 It is dependant on availability of signal
3.5 Cost plans can vary
3.5.1 Unlimited
3.5.2 Per Mb downloaded
4 Leased Line
4.1 Point to point connection
4.1.1 Is expensive to install
4.2 No contention ratios
4.3 It is symmetric
4.3.1 So is useful for extranet access
5 Satellite
5.1 It is used in remote areas
5.1.1 Ships
5.1.2 Counrtyside
5.1.3 Desert
5.2 One way satellite
5.2.1 Satellite for dowload
5.2.2 Telephone for upload
5.3 Two way satellite
5.3.1 Uses satellite for both upload and download
5.3.2 Asymmetric
5.4 Geosynchronous satellite
5.4.1 Latency of about 0.7 seconds OK for standard apllications Problematic for interactive apllications
5.4.2 Line of sight is required
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