Lord of the Flies: Context

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Lord of the Flies: Context
1 Golding's experience in WW2
1.1 Had profound effect on his view of humanity and the evils of which it was capable.
1.1.1 Nazi concentration camps
1.1.2 Japanese treatment of prisoners
1.1.3 Hiroshima and Nagaski
1.1.4 His involvment in the Navy He served in command of a rocket-launcher While carrying out his duties he ordered the destruction of German ships and submarines Participated in the invasion of Normandy.
2 Golding's life
2.1 William Golding was born on September 19, 1911, in Cornwall, England
2.2 Tried to write a novel as early as age twelve.
2.3 Followed his parents wishes and studied the natural sciences at Oxford University
2.3.1 Changed in his second year to study english literature
2.4 His jobs
2.4.1 Theater actor and director
2.4.2 Wrote poetry
2.4.3 Schoolteacher in an all boys public school
2.5 Died aged 81 on 19th june 1995 of heart failiure
3 Lord of the Flies
3.1 Golding wrote Lord of the Flies in 1954, less than a decade after World War II, when the world was in the midst of the Cold War.
3.2 In 1983, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature
3.3 It was rejected by 21 publishers before being accepted by Faber and Faber
3.4 In Lord of the Flies, Jack and the hunters, who offer the luxury of meat and the comforts of a dictatorship. In exchange for his protection, the other boys sacrifice any moral reservations they may have about his policies and enthusiastically persecute the boys who resist joining their tribe.
3.5 As a schoolteacher, Golding experienced the reality of schoolboy behavior and tendencies, which provided him with valuable literary material.
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