"The American Dream"

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A NY Times article, summary of the American Dream interpretation of the time.

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"The American Dream"
1 Article written by the New York Times in the 1960's
2 This applied mostly African Americans, who sought for equal rights and opportunities like others to achieve their goals since they were segregated at that time.
2.1 The American Dream around the time of this article was equal rights for certain ethnic groups.
3 The author, James Baldwin, writes about the viewpoints of the African Americans of the time, and even slaves from further into the past.
3.1 To depict this well, he writes of the realizations of the blacks over time such as, "It comes as great shock to discover the the country which is your birthplace and to which you owe your life and identity has not, in it's whole system of reality, evolved any place for you."
3.1.1 And, "The American soil is full of the corpses of my ancestors, through 400 years and at least three wars. Why is my freedom, my citizenship, in question now? What one begs the American people to do, for all our sakes, is simply to accept our history."
4 In short, this article show that this American Dream was very significant to African Americans, who wanted to be fully accepted into society.
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