Nazi Propaganda 1933-1949

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Nazi Propaganda 1933-1949
1 Newspapers/Press and Posters
1.1 Jewish newspapers shut down and Jewish editors and journalists out of work.
1.2 Editors made to take citizenship test.
1.3 No anti-Nazi policies to be published.
1.4 Goebbels controlled press closely.
1.5 Newspapers were so dull that sales went down by 10%.
1.6 Any subscriptions revoked meant that people could be accused of being anti-Nazi.
1.7 Posters are cheap easy to distribute.
1.7.1 Main form of propaganda
1.7.2 Constant reminder of Nazi ideologies.
2 Culture
2.1 You weren't allowed to enter the theatre during the film as the Nazi's ads were played at the beginning of every film.
2.1.1 To glorify the Nazi's and Aryan's
2.1.2 Disgracing Jews
2.1.3 Showing the greatness of Hitler
2.1.4 Express how badly Nazi's were treated on the Eastern Front
2.1.5 Compulsary to watch the newsreels and short Nazi documentaries.
2.1.6 People were entertained as well as subliminally fed Nazi political views.
2.2 Books burnt in a public fire in 1933 May
2.2.1 Libraries were ransacked to acquire unsuitable books.
2.2.2 Books that threatened Hitler's plan was destroyed.
2.2.3 Only books of race, war victories and the Nazi movements.
2.3 Musicians, actors and artists had to be approved by and members of the Reich Chamber of Culture so their work wouldn't contradict Nazi "law".
2.3.1 No jazz music (black music)
2.3.2 Bach, Beethoven and Wagner was preferred
2.3.3 Only two types of art - Classic, realistic art and art that promoted the "true German spirit".
2.3.4 Over 700 competitions with financial rewards (often to develop acceptable methods of painting.
2.3.5 12, 890 pieces of art was destroyed in 1938.
3 Festivals/Rallies
3.1 Milistrisic
3.2 Organised by Josef Goebbels and Albert Speer.
3.3 Annual Nuremberg rallies in August.
3.3.1 40,000 attendees
3.3.2 So extravagant that 150 search lights could be seen from over 100km away.
3.4 Show the unity of the German people.
3.5 Celebration of the Nazi regime.
3.6 Anybody not attending could be accused as anti-Nazi.
4 Radio and Public Speeches
4.1 Radios were affordable (35-76 marks) so every household could have one.
4.1.1 'People's Receiver'
4.2 Loud speakers were placed in the street.
4.3 Cafe's were ordered to play speeches daily.
4.4 Spreading the word of Nazism.
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