The League Of Nations

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The League Of Nations
1 Aims
1.1 To prevent war
1.2 To encourage countries to work together
1.3 Disarmament
1.4 Improve living and working conditions of all people
2 Powers
2.1 Moral condemnation
2.2 Trade sanctions
2.3 Military sanctions
3 How it was organized
3.1 The Assembly
3.1.1 Decisions had to be unanimous
3.1.2 42 members- all of the countries
3.2 The council
3.2.1 Met 3 times a year
3.2.2 Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Japan
3.3 Permanent Court of International Justice
3.3.1 Can make a decision on arguments between countries
3.4 Commissions
3.4.1 Mandates
3.4.2 World Health
3.4.3 Refugee
3.4.4 Slavery
3.4.5 Investigated signalling for railways and produced an international code for road users
4 Weaknesses
4.1 Had no armed forces. Relied on Britain and France.
4.2 Military forces were a last resort
4.3 Economic sanctions were hard to enforce
4.4 Members were missing that could make it strong
5 Problems
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