Pilgrim's Star Identity

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Pilgrim's Star Identity
1 The Band
1.1 Influences
1.1.1 The 1975
1.1.2 Dog Is Dead
1.1.3 Paramore
1.1.4 McFly
1.2 Authentic & real
1.2.1 playing own instruments
1.2.2 lots of performance shots
1.2.3 naturalistic hair & make up
1.3 Playful, fun and down-to-earth
1.3.1 messing about with props
1.3.2 having fun with each other
1.3.3 Laughing
1.4 Cool
1.4.1 confident performance
1.4.2 Costumes
2 Ash
2.1 As Ash is a female bassist in an indie band we modelled her character on Hayley Williams from Paramore.
2.2 Aspirational
2.2.1 Confident performance
2.2.2 strong female in a male dominated genre
2.3 Tomboy
2.3.1 Tomboyish costume - jeans, checkered shirts, trainers
3 Scott
3.1 Influences - As Scott was the lead we took influence from other lead singers and solo artists
3.1.1 Rob Milton from Dog Is Dead
3.1.2 George Ezra
3.1.3 Dan Croll
3.2 Lead
3.2.1 Always the most dressed up
3.2.2 most solo shots
3.2.3 closest to the camera
3.3 Confident
3.3.1 Confident Performance
3.4 Modest
3.4.1 Interacting with other band members
3.4.2 not too many shots of just Kayvon
3.5 Cool and Stylish
3.5.1 Costume inspired by 'cool' artists Dan Croll, George Ezra and Lewis Watson.
4 Michael
4.1 Influences
4.1.1 Daniel Harvey, the drummer from Dog Is Dead
4.2 Funny
4.2.1 interaction with props eg. knocking Kayvon off of pogo stick
4.3 Relaxed
4.3.1 Laidback performance style
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