English Revision-Charles Dickens

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English Revision-Charles Dickens
1 Victorian Britain (1837-1901)
1.1 Chimney sweeps
1.2 Industrial revolution
1.3 Poverty
1.4 Class system
1.4.1 Social inequality-Working your way up, huge gap between rich and poor
1.5 British empire
2 Industrialisation
2.1 Workhouses
2.2 Child labor and exploitation
2.3 Rise of machine
2.4 The rise of cities vs farms
3 Charles Dickens
3.1 Born in Portsmouth on 7th February 1812
3.2 His father was imprisoned for bad debt
3.3 Charles was sent to work in a Warren's blacking factory and endured appalling conditions
3.4 After three years at the work house he went back to school
3.5 He wrote about his experiences in the factory
3.5.1 In the novels 'David Copperfield' and 'Great Expectations'
3.6 Started his career as a journalist
3.7 The novel 'A Christmas Carol' established the idea of Christmas charity toward the less fortunate
3.8 Emphsised the greediness of the rich and harsh living conditions of the poor
4 Charles Dickens later life
4.1 He published an autobiography
4.2 Wrote travel books and administrated charitable organisations
4.3 Enjoyed the theatre, wrote plays and performed for Queen Victoria in 1851
4.4 Spent time abroad lecturing against slavery in the USA
4.5 He died of a stroke in 1870 and is buried at West Minister Abbey
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