Gr.10 Canadian History

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Gr.10 Canadian History
1.1 Causes of WWI
1.1.1 Militarism belief in power of strong armies -each country tried to build larger/more powerful armies
1.1.2 Imperialism desire to have bigger empire; more colonies and land than other nations
1.1.3 Alliances countries that worked together; war between countries would involve more than one country Alliances --triple entente (Allies): France, Britain and Russia --triple alliance: Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy
1.1.4 Nationalism Feeling of deep loyalty to ones land Black Hand -- assasinated Archduke Ferdinand
1.2 Battles
1.2.1 Ypres, 1915 -fight between Allies and Germany -germans use first gas tank in history -british officials sent canadians to front line to protect from heavy german attack, over 6000 canadians died
1.2.2 Somme, 1916 -british, canadian and french against germans -british and canadians help french at Somme River -british attacked in german trenches, broke barbed wire; germans did machine gun fire on No Man's Land -germans withdrew 1917
1.2.3 Vimy Ridge, 1917 -canadian troop against german troops -allies failed taking back Vimy Ridge so british sent canadians to go attack: canadian soldiers rehearsed plan for attack; spied -canadians fired poison gas, and killed german's horses -plan executed perfectly and Vimy Ridge taken over in less than two hours -known as greatest battle canadians fought
1.2.4 Passendale -take control over german submarine bases -rain made mud harder for troops to get through; many troops stuck in mud - mud damaged artilery platforms, railways, cars and soldiers; food and water destroyed too -germans began to use mustard gas
1.3 Key Terms/Things to Remember
1.3.1 Canada's entry into war; part of British empire so cananda was automatically at war with Germay, and Canada's PM, Robert Borden, strongly supported Britian
1.3.2 Schleiffen plan used by Germans to attack France but failed
1.3.3 Trenches: holes in the ground dug up for soldiers to hide and attack in; Trench Warfare
1.3.4 New tech: long range artillery, machine guns, chemical warfare, planes, u-boats, tanks; first use of chem warfare used by germans in batlle of ypres
1.3.5 Propaganda: spreading of information to get intended audience to join in...sort of like advertising to join the war
1.3.6 Conscription Crisis "mandatory military service": forced canadian men to fight overseas -Borden wanted to make up for canadian casualties - passed war-time elections act= women related to soldiers or nurses were allowed to vote -english were for it french were not
1.4 100 Days
1.4.1 America joined in 1917
1.4.2 Germany was near collapse
1.4.3 Canadians stayed after war to keep peace
1.5 End of WWI
1.6 Homefront
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