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Higher English Quotes
1 Death of a Salesman
1.1 "Thankfully lets his burden down"
1.2 "I'm the New England man. I'm vital in New England."
1.3 "His mercurial nature."
1.4 "Not finding yourself at that age is a disgrace!"
1.5 "Coach'll probably congratulate you for your initiative."
1.6 "You're both built like Adonises."
1.7 "Don't you dare blame it on me."
1.8 "I'm a dime a dozen, and so are you."
1.9 "There'll be no pity for you, you hear it?"
1.9.1 "Isn't that remarkable? Biff-he likes me!"
1.10 "Can you imagine that magnificence with twenty thousand dollars in his pocket."
1.11 "He had the wrong dreams."
1.12 "That funeral will be MASSIVE!"
1.12.1 "Why didn't anyone come?"
1.13 "You fake! You phoney little fake!"
1.13.1 "Take that phoney little dream and burn it before something happens."
2 The Cone Gatherers
2.1 "...and on the misshapen lump sat a face so beautiful to be a diabolical joke."
2.1.1 "A destroyer steamed seawards, with a sailor singing cheerfully."
2.1.2 "Many cones and much sunshine." "I couldn't Neil." "The overspreading tree of revulsion in him."
2.2 "Calum flung himself upon the deer, clasped it round the neck and tried to comfort it."
2.3 "Though he smiled he was dead."
2.4 "Since childhood Duror had been repelled by anything living that had an imperfection or a deformity or lack."
2.4.1 "For many years his life had been obscene and hideous and this misbegotten creature was it's personification." "Cut its throat savagely ."
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