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Artist Identity


Mind Map on Artist Identity, created by harry.kettenis on 01/19/2015.
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Artist Identity
  1. website
    1. Roza will be performing at nationwide venues, cementing her British identity. Also many of these venues stage other urban acts on a regular basis, again showing that she is an urban artist.
      1. Roza's bio gives fans a lot of information about her personality and background.
        1. The promo shots on Roza's website also tell a lot about her identity. This is done through the props, urban costume and playful poses in the shots.
          1. The minimalistic layout and style of the website highlights that Roza is a PBR&B artist, since this is a typical style for the genre.
          2. music video
            1. Both Roza and her boyfriend wear urban clothing. This highlights that Roza is a young and Urban artist. Also, locations shown in the narrative, such as Trafalgar Square, reflect that she is a London artist.
              1. Her reaction to her boyfriend cheating in the narrative also connotes that she is a strong female role model.
                1. The emotive actions that she shows throughout the video reflects that she is a character who is very emotional, something typical of the genre.
                2. Album Digipak
                  1. Font connotes poetic style. This reflects the fact that PBR&B is quite a poetic sub genre of R&B.
                    1. Very different poses and facial expressions throughout the digipak reflect the multiple layers and depth of Roza's personality.
                      1. Urban clothing establishes that she is an urban artist.
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