James 1st of England

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James 1st of England
1 Financial Issues in England
1.1 "like a poor man wandering about forty years in the wilderness and barren soil, and now arrived at the land of promise
1.2 No thought for finance, when he wanted something he got it
1.3 Impressed with noble lifestyles - believed all royalty should have a life based on magnificence
1.4 Favourites - 1607 three favourites debts totalling £44,000 paid off
1.5 Scots followers received £40,000, English equivalent £10,000
2 The Divine Right of Kings
2.1 The Divine Right of Kings = subject to no earthly authority, power from God himself
2.2 Wars encouraged thought that all Kings could have actions challenged
2.3 2nd half of 16th century, France torn apart by religious wars, Catholics Protestants challenged royal authority
2.4 Challenges from Puritans in Parliament for reforms to abandon Catholic sympathy from James
3 Political Issues in England
3.1 After Henry VIII, MPs believed they could criticise the crown
3.2 James called Parliament when it suited him
3.2.1 First time: 1604 to 1611
3.2.2 1614: Parliament had to deal with spread of Catholicism and royal finances
3.2.3 1621: Parliament called to deal with thirty years war (started in 1618)
4 Religious Issues in England
4.1 Puritans attempted to make England more Protestant (Elizabeth's poor efforts)
4.2 Lessening of Recusancy Laws (legislation against those who didn't attend Church of England services)
4.3 Gunpowder plot
5 Difficulties in Ruling Two Countries
5.1 After Union of Crowns, James spent all his time in England
5.2 Attempted to create stronger relations between English and Scottish Parliaments
5.3 James assumed that as he was a good ruler of Scotland, he would be of England
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