Henry's Foreign Policy A1

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Henry's Foreign Policy A1
1 Aims
1.1 create an alliance with Spain
1.1.1 marriage with Catherine of Aragon
1.1.2 King Ferdinand of Spain
1.2 Take back France
1.2.1 Henry V had taken it over but died before he could inherit the throne
2 Battle of the Spurs, 1513
2.1 Towns of Therouanne and Tournai were taken over
2.1.1 Used as Propaganda
2.2 King Louis agreed to marry Henry's sister Mary
3 Battle of Flodden, 1513
3.1 Scotland threatened England
3.1.1 James IV, raised an army of 30,000 men Largest army in Scottish history
3.1.2 Earl of Surrey met them in Northumberland James died along with 10,000 men in his army
4 Treaty of London, 1518
4.1 Established by Cardinal Wolsey
4.2 pope Leo X called upon the european powers to unite and join and crusade against the Ottoman Turks
4.3 Committed powers to live in peace
4.4 Any country that broke the Treaty could be invaded from the other signature countries
4.5 Each country made an individual Treaty
4.6 Henry was placed at the center of European Politics as the Arbiter of Peace
5 The Field of the Cloth of Gold
5.1 Constant conflict between France and Spain, even after the Treaty of London
5.2 Wolsey organised a meeting between Henry and Francis I at the Field of the Cloth of Gold
5.3 Done to impress the King of France/make Henry look good
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