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The Cone Gathers Quotes
1 Good vs Evil
1.1 Calum
1.1.1 'Chaffinches fluttered around him'
1.1.2 'on the misshaphen lump of his body sat a face so beautiful and guileless as to ba a diabolical joke'
1.1.3 'For Calum the tree-top was interest enough; in it he was as indigenous as squirrel or bird.'
1.1.4 'Calum no longer was one of the beaters; he too was a deer hunted by remorseless men'
1.1.5 'Keep being yourself. You’re better than all of us.'
1.2 Duror
1.2.1 'An idea suddenly occured to him, simple, obvious, likely to be approved by his mistress, yet to him a conscious surrender to evil.'
1.2.2 'Rushing upon the stricken deer and the frantic hunchback, he threw the latter off with furious force, and then, seizing the former's head with one hand, cut its throat savagely with the other.'
1.2.3 'he felt in a mood for murder, rape, or suicide.'
1.2.4 'squirming one-legged in Duror's huge lustful fist, it seemed to her that her daughter's innocence was somehow being publicly outraged.'
1.2.5 'I saw the imbecile exposing himself...and worse'
1.2.6 'this filth, as he watched, crept up until it entered his mouth, covered his ears, blinded his eyes, and so annihalated him.'
2 Class Conflict
2.1 'We're human beings just like them. We need space to live and breathe in'
2.2 'The mansion behind its private fence of giant silver firs'
2.3 'I was wrong you mean. If it had been up to you, your mother and sister would have had to shelter under trees or in a filfthy cave while those ruffians enjoyed the warmth and shelter of our hut'
2.4 'We could've perished in the storm, for all she cared. Was that not murder?'
2.5 'everywhere that afternoon the brothers were recieved wityh courtesy, affability, and helpfulness'
2.6 'she cannot one day treat us as lower than dogs, and next day order us to do her bidding!'
2.7 'Neil's dignity and composure, proper to a sea captain, crumbled into the abjectness of a peasant. He fumbled at his cap.'
2.8 'He did not see things or people as a baronet's heir should.'
2.9 'We've carried dogs in the car.'
2.10 Roderick knew that the struggle between good and evil never rested: in the world, and in every human being, it went on. The war was an enormous example. Good did not always win
3.1 ‘the contradiction between her emulation of Christ and her eminence as a baronet’s wife.’
3.2 'She could not pray, but she could weep; she wept pity and purified hope, and joy welled up in her heart.'
3.3 'she could not decieve herself into believing her motive was altruistic; it was, she knew, an act of penance.'
3.4 'The door flung open to the accompaniment of the loudest peal of thunder since the start of the storm.'
3.5 'It is one of the very big trees at the end of the park; a silver fir'
4 Tree
4.1 'The overspreading tree of revulsion in him'
4.2 'Duror's voice was stripped of emotion as a winter tree'
4.3 'He was like a tree still straight, still showing green leaves; but underground death was creeping along the roots.'
4.4 'His triumph was become a handful of withered leaves.'
4.5 'It was as if the rotting tree itself had moved'
5 Mr Tulloch
5.1 'I saw what happened; and I find no fault in them.'
5.2 "'what bothered me most, Neil' said the forrester, 'was the thought that your beds were wet.'"
5.3 "'He agreed alright,' she said, 'but he did not sound at all pleased."
5.4 'May I have it?' 'My little girl would be delighted with it?'
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