Discovery - Motorcycle Diaries

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Discovery - Motorcycle Diaries
1 Different forms of discovery within diary.
2 Discovery plays significant role in influencing the characters and authors beliefs judgements and attitudes.
3 The theme discovery proved to be a difficult challenge at times for characters.
4 Characters faced adversity and hardship whilst on their journey.
5 Tells of how experiences impacted and changed their outlook and how a journey with no particular purpose changed their lives.
6 The diary tells of two men travelling a continent, falling in love with it and finding their place within it. This is evident in quote 1.
7 Both Che and Alberto discovered the affect of leaving their families, loved ones and the lives they were used to. Quote 2
8 They were to discover a test of friendship as they chased their dreams satisfied their excitement for the open road and left their ”wretched life” of study and exams behind them.
9 In exploring some of the aspects of discovery it became obvious that one of the most basic nature of the word was demonstrated in the early chapters, first time discovery. This is seen as they had planned the journey with no hesitation.
10 Another first time discovery is seen when Alberto’s sees the Atlantic ocean for the first time. Quote 3
11 Author uses imagery and personification to describe the men’s vision of the Atlantic Sea. Words such as “smothering”, “swelling” and quotes such as 4
12 Che’s use of colourful words gives the reader a picture of the landscape but with a personal touch. For example quote 5.
13 Imagery is used to bring to life the “silence of the visual world” e.g. quote 6
14 Discovery having far reaching affects.
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